NWF Fuels is a leading distributor of fuel oil and fuel cards delivering over 500 million litres across the UK to 59,000 customers. It is one of the largest authorised distributors of Texaco and is a major customer of other fuel suppliers including Shell and Jet.

Fuels has delivered an exceptional performance in FY18, benefiting from its high level of customer service in a long, cold winter. In many parts of the country, homes and businesses were impacted by snow and ice for prolonged periods. The focus on service by the local depot teams, rescheduling deliveries to focus on customers at risk of running out, won additional business and improved pence per litre margins. Growth was delivered across the depot network in all major fuel categories.

The Fuels division has benefited from providing high levels of service to customers across the country through a long, cold winter.

Volumes rose 5.8% to 543 million litres (2017: 513 million litres), and revenue increased by 11.7% to £400.7 million (2017: £358.6 million) as a result of higher oil prices and increased volumes. The average Brent Crude oil price in the year was $63 per barrel compared to $51 per barrel in the prior year.

Headline operating profit was up 53.3% to £6.9 million (2017: £4.5 million) as the additional volume and improved pence per litre margins generated an increase in profitability. 2018: 1.3 pence per litre (2017: 0.9 pence per litre).

With 59,000 customers being supplied across 19 fuel depots, Fuels operates in markets that are large and robust and, as a business, it has consistently proved it can effectively manage the volatility in oil prices. The industry remains highly fragmented, with many small operators, which we believe provides an opportunity for NWF to increase market share.


  • Outstanding service in a long cold winter
  • Underlying volume growth across the depot network
  • Leadership succession completed
  • Volatile oil prices across the year

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