Focused on value creation.

Each of our trading divisions has scale and good market position and is both profitable and cash generative.

Excellence in customer service
Customer service is the number one priority, whether it is reaching nine out of ten callers who have run out of fuel on the same day, delivering excellent service levels in Food or delivering to farms within 24 hours when needed by farmers.

Building on a solid platform
The Group has established a solid platform with strong profit development and cash conversion. Competitive banking facilities support the Group’s development.

Understanding our markets
Established in 1871, the Group adds value to its customers through an in-depth knowledge of the oil, food distribution and agricultural markets.

Capital investment
Our strategy is to maintain a position of financial strength whilst growing the business through considered investment in people, plant and equipment.

The Group’s strategy is to make key acquisitions to increase penetration, scale or geographic reach within its divisions.

Organic growth
Organic growth continues to be driven through our diversified and service led divisions.

Where we do it


  • Industry leading customer service from 27 depots across the UK
  • Scale delivers efficiency and value for commercial and domestic customers
  • Delivery flexibility focusing on delivering to oil users who have experienced a run-out
  • Supply agreements with major oil companies for security of supply and competitive pricing


  • Market leading national ambient grocery consolidation service
  • High service levels
  • Award winning IT team and industry leading systems with customers utilising live stock and delivery data
  • Efficient warehousing and transport delivering a value proposition for food manufacturers and importers
  • High warehouse and vehicle asset utilisation


  • Key nutritional advisor to over 4,000 ruminant farmers across the UK
  • Technical support for farmers to improve yields and farm profitability
  • Class leading customer service
  • Manufacture of high quality products
  • High asset utilisation of mills and blend sheds delivering value to customers
  • Efficient transport fleet delivering direct to farms

The value we create


Excellent service provided to 104,250 customers across the Group, the number one priority.

Total customers


(2022: 113,500)


Our partnerships with suppliers are vital to ensure we meet all stakeholder needs and play an essential role in our business.



(2022: 82.9%)


Total shareholder return by the continued profitable development of our businesses through a combination of organic growth, capital investment and selective acquisitions.

Total dividend per share


(2022: 7.5p)


We recognise that we operate in industries that can have a significant impact on the environment and that we have a responsibility to minimise their impact.


Case study - reducing waste

NWF is committed to working with customers and suppliers to reduce waste and minimise our environmental impact. Damages Supervisor Tash Parry has worked in our Food division for 33 years. Together with her team, Tash provides a unique service salvaging any damaged goods which might occur across our two Food sites.

The damages team receives all stock and sorts through any damaged items finding the best solution to salvage as much as possible. Working with the customers concerned, the team either makes arrangements to re-package or re-box the items so they can be returned to storage or, if the stock is unsalvageable, then arrangements are made for it to be donated to food banks in the local area. The team aims to reduce as much waste as possible which also generates cost savings for the customer and for the Company.