About us

We have a strong track record of delivering increased and sustainable shareholder value

What we do

NWF Group is a specialist distributor of fuel, food and feed across the UK. Established in 1871, the Group has over 140 years’ experience in adding value to our customers’ businesses.

Who we work with

  • Fuels – NWF Fuels is a leading distributor of fuel oil and fuel cards delivering over 665 million litres across the UK to 116,000 customers
  • Food –Boughey Distribution is a leading consolidator of ambient grocery products to UK supermarkets with over one million ft² of warehousing and significant distribution assets.
  • Feeds – NWF Agriculture has grown to be a leading national supplier of ruminant animal feed to 4,750 customers in the UK, feeding one in six dairy cows in Britain.

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How we do it

Understanding our markets
Established in 1871, the Group adds value to our customers through an in depth knowledge of the oil, food distribution and agricultural markets.

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Excellence in customer service
Customer service is the number one priority. Whether it is reaching nine out of ten callers who have run out of fuel on the same day, delivering excellent service levels in food or delivering to farm within 24 hours when needed by farmers.

Building on a solid platform
The Group has established a solid platform with strong profit development and cash conversion. Competitive banking facilities support the Group’s development.

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